Bellerophon Coffee was founded in Canberra and is handcrafted, using only the highest-grade, ethically sourced specialty coffee.


We strive to produce the best quality cold brew coffee and tea in the market. We are committed to a responsible, sustainable lifestyle, and are acutely aware of the ingredients in the products we source.

Cold Brew Coffee 


Cold Brew is is unique and unlike other coffee brewing methods as it is brewed in the absence of heat. This method of brewing takes much more time than your standard hot brewed coffee, in our case 24hrs. The extended brew time at low temperatures achieves a cup with unrivalled sweetness and complexity. We implement a three stage filtering process using hi-grade commercial filters commonly seen in the wine and beer industry. This produces clarity and mouth feel not typically seen in traditional cold brew.

Why Ethical
Coffee Matters 


Our close partnership with Red Brick Coffee has allowed us to use roast profiles designed especially for cold brew. The team at Redbrick  carefully selected coffee with unique character and a complex flavour profile. This leads them to search out farmers and producers of exceptional coffee.


Each origin and every coffee has it’s own profile, be it subtle, bold or both. They choose coffees they love and roast them to highlight what they think is special and exciting.